Precise Consultancy is providing consultancy services for all major ISO standards along with trainings, Business Processes, Immigration, Digital Marketing, Software Development consultancies.

We are specialized in delivering consultancy on Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Sustainability, Information Security, Food and multiple ISO Management Systems. We are based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and strongly attempts to reach out clients in GCC regions and other Asian countries.

We cater corporate and individual clients from all types of industries and specialization. Our consulting and support services have wide-range of activities that are primarily based on the ISO management standards.

We also assist companies in organizing and delivering corporate trainings/seminars for internal formation and development such as team building, leadership, management, customer relationship building and others.

We facilitate clients in achieving their organizational goals and strategic objectives by business processes reengineering.

Precise is committed toward a culture of client-centeredness. We strongly believe that our clients are valuable to our growth and profitability. Thus, excellence, professionalism, team-work and customization of our services towards our client’s needs are integral to our business.

We have a well-established processes, adequate facilities, competent and need-responsive team of consultants, trainers and staff to realize the services required by our clients.

Precise recognizes that social responsibility is essential to our success. Thus, we ensure that in all our services, we uphold the values that the community can get optimum benefits.


We envisioned being a prominent consultancy and training service provider in the field of quality, health, safety, environment and information management in UAE and other countries of Asia. It is our vision to be the organization of preference by multi-disciplinary clients that impact a major change to their business advancement and professional development.


It is our mission to provide excellent, professional and personalized services to our clients in the aspects of quality, health, safety, environment and information management through our well-established processes, competent team members, adequate resources and our continuous endeavor toward a client-centeredness culture and fulfillment of social responsibility.


  • Client-Centeredness
  • Excellence in service
  • Professionalism
  • Team-work
  • Social Responsibility